Rosemary Works is an Independent Private Preparatory School on the Islington and Hackney border. We are located in North London by the Regents Canal.

Our school offers the space your child needs. Space to think. Space to grow. Space to be themselves and explore.

Pupils attend Rosemary Works private preparatory school from across North London. The majority of children live in the Islington and Hackney boroughs.  Stoke Newington, London Fields and Dalston are all on our doorstep. Good transport links (we are close to Haggerston Overground Station)  and our location outside the congestion charge zone make it possible for many pupils to travel from Holloway, Victoria Park, Bethnal Green and Bow.

Our school’s close proximity to the City of London financial district and Shoreditch makes it easy for parents to reach work quickly after drop-off. Many parents cycle or take one of the numerous bus routes directly into the City.

Our philosophy is to focus on every child’s intrinsic worth; to encourage and assist every one of our pupils to discover their strengths, understand and acknowledge their weaknesses, and thus to develop their sense of well-being and self-esteem.

We also strongly emphasise the importance of tolerance, of valuing not just oneself but also others, of learning that true strength lies not in controlling others, but in self-control, and that respect for others emanates from self-respect.

Your child at our prep school will have the space to grow, to discover and harness their creative powers and self-expression. They will acquire the skills they need for adult life, while experiencing to the full the joy and wonder of childhood.

Your child will have the space ‘to be me’, to become independent, to learn how to stand out from the crowd when necessary and to have the self-confidence to hold to their own views and beliefs.

We value every child, and give each pupil the space to explore what works for them. We take a positive approach, encouraging and endorsing as the foundation-stone of engendering learning, rather than punishing and criticising.

At Rosemary Works preparatory school, your child – every child – achieves their maximum potential. No-one is crammed into a space where they do not fit and then told they have failed. Rosemary Works – a space where your child will soar.

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