Our Community

Visitors to our school always remark on the obvious warmth and happiness that is such a distinctive feature of the environment we create.

Rosemary Works School is very much a community. Parental involvement is invited and valued, and teachers and school leaders are always available to see you – whether for an informal chat, or for discussions about specific issues. We have social gatherings arranged by the school, and lots of great events for everyone to join in, arranged by the hard-working volunteers who make up the Rosemary Works Parents’ Network.

We have a great Parents’ Network which organises social events for children and adults, and whose members raise money for charity and for fun school projects. Situated as we are in Shoreditch at the gateway to the City of London, our parents have a variety of professional backgrounds and personal talents – the creative and design firms of Shoreditch and Hoxton, the music business and film and tv industry in Soho, bankers from Canary Wharf and the City, lawyers based in Clerkenwell and Holborn, and many others. These varied talents provide opportunities for the children to learn about different careers, and can be a fantastic resource for class teacher, for example, our children made their own mini-movies in class with the support of parents working in the music and film industries.

Most importantly, it is with the help and support of parents that we achieve our goals for the children.

Rosemary Works School is a haven for parents and teachers who believe in deep learning, well-equipped children and decent, well-rounded and well-educated people. Families join our school because they share our ethos and beliefs, and we ensure that we recruit staff who feel the same.